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The world is undergoing a massive transformation with Digital Technologies:

Giving rise to new solutions that are disrupting the industry, society and every aspect of our lives, including the way we live and conduct daily activities e.g. how we purchase and consume products and services, communicate with one another, entertain, learn & train, engage with governments and healthcare providers
A huge opportunity has been created for people to learn new skills to become relevant and thrive in this new economy – often said “align or perish” (which applies equally to industry organizations as well as individuals, a professional or a student)
We, with our cutting-edge skills and experience in developing industry and society solutions with Digital Technologies, like to “work with you”.
You may be a university, college, school, skills center or a company in any industry vertical(small, medium, large or a start-up), we believe you will be delighted to take your transformation journey across your organization with us. All students, faculty and professionals weather Computer Science, business, Engineering or humanities will surely benefit in a big way, for better jobs, innovation, incubation and newer solutions and business models to propel your organization. We can almost guarantee such outcomes if you are as passionate and committed to the transformation as we are
Our engagement model is uniquely win win – your investment may soon turn into a new capability which together we can make it self sustainable and profitable for both
Email / talk to us and we will elaborate further on why-what-how on abovevalue propositions


Key goal of OzAsia Solutions is to unleash huge value for people and organizations by smart application of Digital Technologies. A key obstacle is “lack of skills” (depth and breadth),  among the current large pool of industry professionals as well as students & faculty. Our aim is to help you (the champions) to remove this hurdle.

Our mission is to assist and lead you to:
Develop skills among students and professionals in the area of Digital Technologies that are transforming industry and society. Specific technologies include AI, Machine Learning, Data Science,  Data Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, IOT, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Augmented Virtual Reality, Robotics, Mobile.

Develop innovative and disruptive industry solutions and business models by applying emerging Digital Technologies, working with industry professionals, students and faculty  

We are the Authorized IBM Business Partner - 


OzAsia Solutions Pvt ltd is authorized partner of the IBM Career Education Program.
The IBM Career Education program focuses on building industry-ready software capabilities that organizations need today and tomorrow. It is an instructor led program, for students and faculty members in Engineering and Business schools to accelerate skills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic industry.
The Career Education Program of IBM helps students and faculty to achieve right results & benefits by collaborating at various levels, be it curriculum Co Creation , software foundation skills, capability building or experiential learning.
With this initiative, IBM has partnered with various Colleges and Universities across India. Since 2011, the program helped more than 100000 students and faculty members Pan India. The program is aligned with IBM’s global Skills Academy with the following benefits:

Career Paths 

Students can access a number of different career offerings and select the one that supports their career goal most effectively:
Open Badges

Open Badges

All career paths are comprised of “globally” recognized academic exams towards the end of the training. These exams are linked to an Open Badge, which our students or faculty can share to any of their social media accounts.


Skills Development

Skills Development

Training in Digital Technologies and their application to create innovative and disruptive industry and society solutions – for Universities, Colleges, Skills Development Centers, Professionals and Management teams in organizations
Solution Development Service

Solution Development Service

Solution development services using DigitalTechnologies End-to-End (Architecture, Design, Delivery)



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